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1, in order to avoid "goods do not like" the situation, consumers in order to communicate with the designer must seriously.

Some designers in order to promote business, often urging consumers to order as soon as possible, but this time consumers must not impatient. As the custom furniture consumers have to spend some time with my family to exchange views, carefully consider all the details of the furniture, and then communicate with the designer and carefully verify the furniture drawings, ensure that the correct signature confirmation. Because of the particularity of the product, once the consumers have determined the order, it is very difficult to change the order.  

2, in order to ensure that buy genuine products.

We should first select some brands specializing in the sale of wooden custom-made furniture. And should seriously understand the size of the business, design team quality and other information.

3, after the merchant delivery home, consumers need to seriously inspection.

It is not only the structure and color of the product to be tested, but also to check whether the material used for making the product, the thickness of the cabinet door and the hardware fittings are consistent with the contract. If it is found that the product and the contract is inconsistent, consumers should communicate with the business in a timely manner, if necessary, through legal channels to protect rights.