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By love in the road launched by the public welfare organizations of the eighth urban public hiking activities, "I walk, you help children go to school" successfully concluded. From around the number of employees or public interest groups were more than 600 people, consisting of a branch trekking team, starting from the Jiangwan Wetland Park in Andersen's fairy tales, walk 30 kilometers away, to raise money for one purpose only for the poor mountain children, help them to go to school.

Before participating in this public welfare activities, they have participated in many public welfare activities. By the positive and the island, China foundation hosted gold wings fund, leading the way through Home Furnishing hosted "to a lonely love hug, care of autistic children organized; love support quiet new book fund, has aroused widespread concern in society. As a home enterprise, they pay special attention to the children who need help and bring them warm home.

It is reported that the public welfare hiking activities from the date of registration, will be led by the whole family, the upper and lower, warm response. Lead the way home for many years, participate in public welfare action, has successfully integrated into its corporate culture connotation, from each employee to the whole enterprise, voluntarily fulfill their responsibilities, and return the society with practical action. At present, the hiking activities are still rapidly raising funds, each of them hope to be able to use their own strength, or hiking or donations, really help children in need.

Public welfare activities are the embodiment of enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, but the social responsibility of enterprises is not only reflected in public welfare activities. The concept of "corporate social responsibility" first appeared in foreign countries, with some well-known enterprises of universities, churches and other non-profit organizations to donate and continuously improve employee welfare and so was born, and gradually formed a theoretical system about enterprise and modern society to a win-win symbiosis.

The core of the concept of corporate social responsibility can be summarized as "corporate law health management, continue to enhance employee well-being and customer satisfaction, in order to benefit more people, within the scope of social and times more perfect." Specific to the home industry, bear social responsibility should be compliance management, to provide better products and services, to build quality home life.

Cross border integration for the benefit of users

12 years of style research, 12 years of high-end market test, to bring up the lead, through the home professional and strength, and now lead the way through the home, has been a consumer favorite of the whole house curtain whole custom O2O brand.

As a transition from the traditional Internet plus business success, launched its innovative online & offline (O2O) a new mode of sales orders online booking, curtains, door line measurement installation, plus curtains free cleaning service, really stand in the user's point of view to solve the pain points of curtains. Its curtain fabric products are more and more popular after 85 Internet natives, for the domestic curtain market brings a light luxury, new fashion trends.

In order to better for the benefit of every user, leading the way through Home Furnishing joint 14 domestic Home Furnishing brands, such as FOTILE electric kitchen, power Dekor, Sophia wardrobe, which China good Home Furnishing alliance, in addition to the monthly one-stop promotional activities, but also to create a good brand Home Furnishing fusion line store experience - good powder, food and drink, interactive fun, so that every user in the purchase of products at the same time, Home Furnishing can experience the good life, like at home.

At the same time, the whole house furniture O2O customized brand, for the user to build one-stop home house O2O customized platform. Cross border integration, channel innovation, to give users the best products, but also to give them the best experience.

Smart home to enhance the quality of life

Internet plus era, intelligent product is popular, the living standards of residents on intelligent products is improved significantly. As a home enterprise, its products are closely related to the quality of life of residents, and the development of smart home has attracted much attention. As lovhome Home Furnishing curtain cloth customization experts, has invested heavily in the overall development of intelligent curtain and intelligent Home Furnishing, believe that this result can bring new Home Furnishing experience and wisdom of life for every user.

Product = personality, service = word of mouth, want to benefit the user, and truly do their own corporate social responsibility, it is necessary to "all user centric."". To lead the way home has been through 12 years of accumulation and sharpening, in social responsibility and business combination, has been maturing. In Internet plus the current prevailing, solid Lianhaoneigong, good products and services, constantly cross-border innovation, is the development of the road. In the face of the next one hundred thousand billion level market, we should lead the way to sustainable development through the concept, culture and business model.